At SCALE, we believe that in a creative process the model is at least as important the sketch. We believe that models tell stories to the viewer. And, that models need figures to clearly transport the idea.

Our figures are designed by professional 3D-artists. The figures are produced in our own little factory. Every figure has been checked by our quality manager before shipping.
Shipped with love out of the great city of Karlsruhe, Germany

You can choose between individual SCALE-figures and SCALE-sets. Each of our sets include 8 figures, curated by our staff. They come safely packaged in a box, windowed so that you can take them out seperatly.

Tired of putting poorly designed, oldfashioned figures in his archiectual models, Jon Steinfeld took matters into his own hands. After soliciting a dozen renowned artists and designers and learning what figures in this size actually were made of, SCALE began moving at half force. Half? Yes, one thing you learn when you start a business: if you don’t do it full time, you do it half. And slow.
In November of 2015, SCALE got reorganized and it’s first full time staff. We now launched online, featuring an all-star lineup of figures. This time: full force.